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Britannica describes investment as a ‘process of exchanging income during one period of time for an asset that is expected to produce earnings in future periods.’

At Aykut Investments we do just that. We invest in areas which we think will produce earnings in future periods. But we not only focus on return on investment in material terms; we also care about the value we add to the areas where we operate.

Our investments are placed in sectors which are dear to us. We enjoy life and invest in issues which we care about. Our intention is to leave a meaningful footprint to the world and to our children who are our future.

Our investments are currently branded under Aykut Foods, Aykut Property, Aykut Atelier and Aykut DMC. Please care to visit each brand to learn more about us.

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide sustainable investment for the sake of current and future generations and enjoy what we do for a living.

Our Mission

Our mission is to invest in areas where we believe we can have an added-value. Currently our interest lies in Organic Food Production, Property Development, Destination Management, Design Garments,  Jewellery and Ceramics. We produce, buy, sell, renovate, create, source, trade and travel.

Our Philosophy

We believe that we owe it to our children to leave them a world that they could enjoy and pass onto the next generations to come. United Nations Sustainable Development Goals are our guiding light.

We believe in sustainable investment where the environment is not destroyed or sacrificed for the sake of production. Our waters, our air, our soil should be protected so that our world continues to live on.

We believe that an economy should be before all “circular”. We should produce-use-recycle instead of produce-use-dispose. At least whatever is disposed should be bio-degradable to the maximum so that we leave as little a carbon footprint as possible.

We believe that our investments reproduce ‘goodness’. Our investments should bring health, taste, goodness and gusto to our client’s lives. Our products and services should shine and stand out among others.

Our clients should feel exceptional about purchasing our products and services for themselves and for their loved ones. Our goodness should spread onto their lives with the pies they bake, the meals they cook and salads they prepare. Buying, renting and living in our properties should be worthwhile. Our gastronomical tours should inspire creativity and widen our clients’ world. Our artisanal designs, garments and handbags should make them feel not only chique and special but also earth friendly and unique. Our ceramics and handmade jewelleries should enrich their world and the joy they take out of living a good life. Our clients should feel confident and proud for having made the best choice in their investments.

We try hard to live with these values and so does everyone else we work with: namely our suppliers, our colleagues and our partners.

We prioritize “Gender Equality”

We also believe that there should be a gender equality in the world. Everyone regardless of all their differences are equal and should have equal rights and opportunities. Therefore, we believe in women’s empowerment. We believe that just as a bird cannot fly with one wing an economy cannot survive without the full potential of women.

We believe that all children and especially girls should have access to education and especially in fields that are traditionally considered male-dominant such as engineering and science. They should not be afraid of technology and start early to keep up with the rest of the more fortunate world.

We believe that digitalization of businesses is a must and digitalization of women-owned businesses is a priority. We believe that procurement from women-owned business’s is necessary and women should be able to have access to the world of procurement and world markets through digitalization.

We positively discriminate for women when necessary in our production and sourcing. We make a preferential agreement with our suppliers who also employ women in their fields.

By 2023 we aim to raise an Aykut Investment education programme that finances young girls continuing education in high school and university.

These beliefs and values make us want to achieve something bigger than ourselves.

We believe that the future is bright if everyone pays attention to sustainability today.

“Know what you own, and know why you own it”

Peter Lynch


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