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To quote Pablo Picasso ‘The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.’

A life without arts is an unfulfilled life. We at Aykut Atelier have a genuine interest in arts and culture of all kinds but especially one in visual arts such as paintings, sculpture and ceramics and artisanal handcrafts.

Over the years we have collected art to our liking and are now willing to share it with our clients and partners. A valuable collection of young and seasoned artists’ delightful work is ready to meet the world in Aykut Atelier.

We are in the process of opening our brand new atelier for ceramics where talented instructors are devising programmes and workshops for aspiring and intermediate artists.Our first atelier in the heart of Pera will host exhibitions and arts talks to encourage and welcome more art and culture into our busy lives to add more meaning to them in our contemporary mechanical metropoles. Our participants will create unique and beautiful ceramics that will decorate homes and lives.

We also support handcrafts such as woven felt objects, bags and garments. We believe that felt is an extraordinary fabric. It is in fact more than a fabric; it is a huge tradition with rich history. We want this tradition to live. We want the masters to continue producing this world heritage. Many more generations should have the happiness of having felt in their lives.

Handmade jewellery from artisanal local producers is of great interest to us. Their work reflects the richness of tradition and culture and we are proud to discover hidden gems all around the world and channel them to the appreciation of connoisseurs.

Our efforts in Aykut Atelier will continue to discover and introduce hidden talents in arts and culture to a larger appreciative audience who share our passion in arts so that we can wash the dust of daily life off our souls as master Picasso exclaims.

“Creativity takes courage”

Henri Matisse


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