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Harvest Your Future

We produce, source, buy and sell the best organic organic foods for health and taste conscious consumers who consider nutrition as the best investment for their own and families health. Our current interest is walnuts and almonds.

Smart shopping is an investment to our health since it enhances the quality of life. Our food is our medicine. If we treat our bodies well they should be ready to endure all the hardships of life with rigor and stamina.


We have invested valuable time and effort to plant endemic walnuts and almonds that are the best match to our soil.Our produce is rich in taste and quality. Sebin and Birecik are local varieties in walnuts with a better quality compared to many other types as their shells and inner skin are thin. They are richer in the oil content and have a superior taste.


By 2023 we aim to have a production facility for walnut and almond processing in order to produce more value added products in addition to our raw fruits. In our innovation pipeline we have walnut oil, walnut capsules, almond oil and almond paste. We also have plans to make use of walnut and almond crest to produce state of the art desktop stationery for Aykut Atelier. Who knows we might as well be in the line for a design award to come.


We decided to start with our own production in order to understand and learn all the details of producing walnuts and almonds ourselves. We have only then turned to source from other producers who shared the same values. This was a long journey that started in 2009 we are every year our knowledge grows along with our beautiful trees.

We wanted to be the best, not only be the traders but also be the farmers in order to appreciate the difficulties of agriculture and what it takes to plant, to irrigate, to take care of the baby plants and to endure draughts as well as frosts.We worked together with our fruit pickers to harvest our walnuts and almonds.

Today we souce from the best farmes in the region as well as whereever we find the best walnuts and almonds to our expectations. We keep close contact with our farmers so that they engage in sustainable farming in line with our standards. Efficient use of water resources is also a key condition in our sourcing of organic walnuts and almonds.

“There is no sincerer love than the love of food.”

George Bernard Shaw


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